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IA or Intelligent Automation is the new kid on the block. Move over conventional RPA or Robotic Process Automation — make way for IA, also popularly known as Hyperautomation. So, what is IA or Hyperautomation? The use of multiple tools orchestrated to work in sync with one another across departments and verticals, involving the widespread use of RPA powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and intelligent business management software systems. As per Gartner’s Top Ten Strategic Technology Trends for 2020, Hyperautomation or Intelligent Automation was the number one trend. …

The conventional waterfall methodology is not as fast and cost-effective as the need for speedy application development and API integration. There have been endless issues with the waterfall method that suffered from the lack of iterative processes and were driven by strict deadlines. In a nutshell, the main issue with the waterfall method was that the development team would need to restart work almost from scratch again in case of changes mentioned by the customer. Organizations need rather choose the RAD Approach or the Rapid Application Development Process.

Knowing everything about RAD

RAD is an agile methodology invented about thirty…

Compared to the presence of a traditional system’s on-premise hardware and software elements, the cloud infrastructure is on a cloud or off-premise. It is not just the architecture that differs between the two; the delivery of services differs too. How does one access cloud-based systems and services? Via the internet.

Why cloud infrastructure?

· Vendors offering cloud-based services sell end-to-end computing functionalities, thereby absolving end-users the onus of owning or managing the IT-related aspects. Typically it means that the vendor manages and operates the various aspects of the cloud infrastructure.

· Scalable and flexible

· As-a-service model of delivery


RPA or Robotic Process Automation has been a part of the global insurance industry for some time now. RPA has been a part of the industry’s goals to achieve operational efficiency through digital transformation. It has helped many to move out of their legacy systems and processes, but problems related to customer experience, legacy mindset, and lack of buy-in top-down has largely witnessed such fragmented efforts stall the adoption of automation largely. The problem identified relates largely to the industry’s eagerness to automate easy processes without planning to scale up and include all processes in an end-to-end chain.

Automating end-to-end…

Quality Assurance (QA) has always been a significant part of the software development process. In 2017, estimates say that about $1.7 trillion was lost due to software failure. QA is the proactive methodology of checking or assessing that the product developed is of optimized value and quality for the end-user. QA is about ensuring that the product or service is bug-free or defect-free so that potential threats or errors can be detected to provide the ultimate experience to customers.

Often QA is confused with QC or Quality Control. However, the difference between the two is that the former is proactive…

The automated legacy systems that seemed fabulous a few decades back do not contribute much to your business performance anymore. It means that these systems have become antique, and while some of these may still be used for mission-critical handling operations, it is time that businesses decide to move ahead and work on a modernization strategy.

This article will mainly discuss the challenges of legacy system modernization, the various ways to go about it, and how modernization can make a difference to your business.

Legacy system modernization

There are two ways of going about updating legacy systems:

i. Lift and…

One of the reasons these three-D words — Digitalization, Digitization & Digital Transformation — are used interchangeably is that the words appear so similar to one another. However, each of these words embodies different meanings, and the distinction must be understood by one and all.

Let’s understand the three terms in-depth here.

1. It all started with Digitization. Before Digitization, everything was manual, analog, and physically handled. When Digitization happened, data no longer exists on paper — it exists as digital bits. …

DevOps in a Nutshell

DevOps is recognized as the fusion of distinct cultural philosophies, techniques, approaches, and tools that enables sudden acceleration in firms’ attributes to deliver desirable outcomes and services beyond expectations. Its subsequent evolution, high velocity, and refined products allow organizations to rely on the latest technology and tools for crafting exceptional software and infrastructure management. Its high pace offers agencies an edge over competitors by delivering better services to potential clients and leads. Its effectiveness and efficiency dictate its power to compete in the industry seamlessly.

How DevOps Operates?

DevOps operations kick starts under the DevOps model, which doesn’t make innovation and operations any…

Digital transformation has been driving the banking industry for nearly 60 years and continuously evolves to benefit all stakeholders. Started during the 1960s with ATMs and with the internet, it shot up tremendously during the 1990s. Online banking became the new way of banking from the first decade of the 21st century. And the banking crisis in 2008 brought in the need to do banking functions differently and effectively to make it driven by API in the last decade. …

One lesson that the pandemic granted us in kind was about how prepared we need to be to face unprecedented times like these. Human interactions are now happening mostly in the digital medium — it is the new normal — be it catching up with friends and family, celebrating personal events, meeting clients, strategizing for the next big launch or resolving customer issues. Be it personal or professional commitments; digital technologies have come to our aid like never before.

Having said that, it is vital to know the report card of the insurance industry’s readiness and preparedness to embrace digitalization…

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